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Power Electrical Service Anthem AZ know for a fact that we play an essential role in the community for homeowners and for commercial offices. But the industrial sector also needs our help. I think they cannot manage being on their own without the help of dependable team of electricians. We know our scope. We are dedicated in doing our job that way we will be able to provide a better way of life to the community that we serve. We take pride in everything we do. We can handle your industrial rewiring needs. We can also take care of the electrical installations, diagnostics, power upgrades, faulty wiring, fault finding, general maintenance and even switchboard design.
We can also take care of the construction of the switchboard and even the electrical equipment that you may need. We specialize in upgrading the plant equipment and we design our services to fit your needs. You just have to give us a call and we will book the inspection. Power Electrical Service Anthem AZ will always look forward to working and serving you the best way we can. We are composed of a team of expert electricians who never stopped learning and training to achieve the best of their ability. You will benefit from them, because they will be there to help you out.

Expert Technicians

Our services are no different and our experts can take care of it all.

Fast & Friendly Services

We provide broken circuit, solar installation and site lighting.

We are waiting for your call. Be rest assured that our project manager will take care of the things you will need. He/she will be the one to focus on your project and there will be electricians to handle the scope of your concern. We know that the industrial sector is a critical industry. We will be there to help and work hand in hand with you. Even if the project Is done, an ocular inspection will still be conducted. Power Electrical Service Anthem AZ will take care of your important equipment, so the company will not be paralyzed even just for a span of time. We will do our best to be of help to you and to solve your problem. We have been in the business for years and we know exactly what our clients needs. We know you want value for your money and that is what we intend to give you.